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You Are Your Best Investment

At the most recent networking event last Thursday I was asked the following question:

“Edgar what do you see as a good business industry or area for me to invest in right now?

My response:

“I would definitely invest your limited resources of time and money into YOU.”

Why do I say that?


  • Return On Investment (ROI): you are the safest and best asset that money can buy. You are recession proof. Also, and of course, just like any expensive tangible asset that you may purchase (house, car, boat, etc...) and then have to maintain (clean, paint, wash, wax, etc...), you will have to do the same maintenance on yourself (eat healthy, sleep, exercise, no alcohol/drugs, strengthen your faith, etc...). I will talk/write more about this topic in another blog posts.

  • Enrichment: your education/continued learning impacts both your social and professional life in a 100% positive way. I am not referring at all here to monetary enrichment as much as I do to overall personal and spiritual enrichment—this comes first and then the money will follow.

  • New Doors: while investing in an “industry” or “business venture” may bring you success in that one area (I call this opening up only one door), investing in yourself will present to you the opportunity to open up “many” more doors (I call this the long hallway with many doors of opportunity where each room opens up into another long hallways with more opportunities).

Don’t believe me? Well then I invite you to look at the scary high failure rate statistics on new business start up ventures and then compare it to the high success rate when you investment your time and money in yourself.

It is a no brainer—you are the best asset money can buy.

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