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2019 Mindset

This week is the first full business week of 2019.

I would imagine that getting out of bed today was not easy for the adults that have to go to work or the children that also return to school.

As people continue to focus on their new year’s resolution to get into better physical shape, I suggest that we place the same amount of emphasis on bettering our mental shape.

What am talking about?

We all have days where you are dragging and simply do not feel like doing anything at all.  It is very normal and common to feel this way (like today).  However, in 2018, I learned that what separates successful individuals from everyone else is the mindset that they adopt.  You see, I learned that your outlook in life will completely change by simply substituting the words “I have to” with “I get to”.  In other words, instead of saying “I have to…pay my mortgage, go to work, go to school, go to that event” change it to “I get to…pay my mortgage, go to work, go to school, go to that event”. 

The more I used “get to” in 2018, the more grateful I became towards everything because I realized that paying my mortgage, going to work, to school, and/or to that event was a privilege and blessing.

So in 2019 please remember that you “get to” have so much and if you are not currently happy you also “get to” make the changes that you wish to make.   

Edgar J Guzman  

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