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Edgar J. Guzman started this life blog after noticing throughout the years that most of the questions people presented him with shared a common theme dealing with personal and professional struggles.  

Edgar has appeared on television, radio, newspaper, business organizations, high schools, universities, law schools, and churches in order to speak about the problems people face in the areas of law, business, and personal development.  

Reflecting on his own personal experiences, Edgar remembers the challenges his immigrant parents faced in a new country and how their integrity, work ethic, and faith helped them overcome their struggles.       

As an attorney, Edgar has represented the legal voice of his clients for eighteen (18) years in cases involving matters of great public importance.  Edgar continues to practice law today at Guzman Law, P.A., the Firm he founded in 2004.  

Based on the common struggles that most business organizations face, Edgar also created Networking Leads in order to help business owners overcome the challenges they all share in practice.  Over time, Networking Leads evolved into a reliable networking source that not only created new opportunities for its professional business members, but also began to invest a lot of its resources to organize humanitarian projects in the community that focuses on helping people that are in most need.

As an attorney, business consultant, author, and speaker, Edgar is frequently invited to speak to audiences on how to overcome personal and professional struggles.  Edgar is always grateful for the booking requests he receives to speak at different venues because he genuinely cherishes the opportunity to educate his audience.        

Edgar is a proud Tampa native that also enjoys cooking, fishing, reading, writing, walking on the beach (with a cup of coffee at sunrise or a glass of wine at sunset), talking about his strong faith, and mostly spending time with his wife, six children, and three dogs.

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