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The Choice To Make In The Presence of An Opportunity

My daughter, Chaveli, wrote this article and I wanted to share.


Everyone has heard the saying, “when one door closes, another opens”, and it’s true; opportunities come and they go. However, while many take pride in themselves for the opportunities that they receive, I believe that the true value of an opportunity is measured in how vigorously we pursue them. 

In between a stimulus and an action lies the incredible gift of choice. The choices that we face on a daily basis serve as a mold to the future that is constantly unfolding by our actions. One of my favorite novels of all time, East of Eden by John Steinbeck, emphasizes this power of choice, that Steinbeck regards as timshel - the Hebrew word for ‘thou mayest’. Steinbeck’s analysis on decision-making delves into the choice between good and evil reflecting the individual responsibility of man. While deciding on the opportunities that lie before us doesn’t rely on the extreme measure of good versus evil, we must choose the route that ignites the good in us and allows us to burn higher than ever before, leaving all negativity behind. 

So, my friends, opportunities will come and go, but when they are presented to you, I encourage you to choose wisely. I encourage you to not look to others but to rather look within yourself and to always choose yourself. If you choose to decline an opportunity, walk away with the confidence that another will come with hard work. But, if you decide to seize an opportunity, allow it to take you farther than you ever imagined. 

Choose wisely, my friends.  

Chaveli Guzman 

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