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Yesterday I met with my mentor.

He is 89 years old (he turns 90 on July 15).

He is an extremely successful family and business man (he still works full time).

He is My Yoda.

Our conversation:

Scene: (a tight meaningful and opening hug to the conversation takes place in the Networking Leads Coffee House).

Yoda: You look a little chubbier.

Me: (chuckle) Yes I know…been working longer hours than usual. How is it that you maintain yourself in such good physical and mental condition?

Yoda: Well, as for the “physical” part, I swim 40 minutes a day in the pool at LA Fitness…and as for the “mental” part, I have never allowed criticism, drama, or even my business competitors to ever take my joy, peace, or mental clarity...I simply ignore it all and do my own thing…I still do this now…this my best advice to you...never look to your left or right…run straight…be you!”

The conversation continued for about one hour after this initial opening.

Little does My Yoda know that every time we meet I always find myself sprinting back to my desk to write down his wisdom word for word before forgetting it.

Two days before this meeting, my wife emailed me this quote that fits perfectly with My Yoda’s wisdom:

“Let the refining and improving of your own life keep you so busy that you have little time to criticize others.”—H. Jackson Brown.

Edgar J. Guzman


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