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Good morning.

I hope everyone had a restful weekend. I also hope that everyone remains focused and motivated with the resolutions they pledged to meet just nine days ago.

As for me, I make my return today from a long reflective mountain range retreat in a remote part of this country that still remains unchanged despite this world’s constant changes.

In my retreat, I had the opportunity to read the emails/dms that my followers sent me wherein I took notice of a question most frequently presented in various forms but still similar nonetheless: “What would you advise is the best thing for me to do about __________(this is where each question was uniquely different: continuing my education, going to law school, after law school, to do’s before starting a company or while running it, purchasing vs. leasing, steps I should take to…, etc.)

The more I read these questions, the more I began to realize that everyone is searching for a specific quick recipe to success in either their personal or professional lives. I will tell you that one does not exist. I will also tell you that while your success is uniquely yours, the common ingredient needed for your recipe is to own…the proper mindset. I repeat, the proper mindset will deliver the success you seek…period.

You seek meaning in 2023, then find it in the ordinary. I hate to sound ambiguous, but I cannot say it any more clear, the success you seek is in the process of the ordinary moments. Your mindset must create a process that you must be disciplined enough to methodically repeat to live out your personal and professional resolution.

Furthermore, success is not a goal that has a clear start and finish, but rather a continuous on going process that your mindset endorses without fail or distraction. We are human, so if you need recharging then go reboot in the remote mountain range.

Several other emails received were invitations by different organizations asking me to go speak in the near future. Thank you I am gratefully honored. I will certainly incorporate this morning’s message to all my future presentations, as I too pursue the value in the ordinary.

Have an amazing 9th Day in this amazing New Year that we are all so blessed to live in.

Edgar J. Guzman

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