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In a recent conversation with an individual in the finance industry, the topic of local struggling businesses, the Payroll Protection Program (PPP), and “Pride” came up. Two well known companies facing similar financial struggle have a choice to make—fight to stay open or give up/close up. One company applied for financial assistance in various places, were able to keep all their employees, and are still open. While the other chose to simply give up and close because they were too ashamed to admit that they needed help. Stupid pride got in the way.

Yesterday specifically while reading, I came across a line of how one of the founders of Netflix was starving for food and had to panhandle one summer. In this unforgettable experience, they recall receiving no money at all from anyone when telling lies. The breakthrough came when they simply told the truth...”Can you spare some change? I’m really hungry.” They now had money to eat and survive.

This line reminded me of this week’s conversation, the company that was too embarrassed to tell the truth...I need help...gave up and closed, while the company that told the truth...I need help I am hungry...survived.

This applies in so many different settings.

Edgar J. Guzman

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