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Lost Millenials

Sunday 7:30 am, no rain, clear sky, I went for a jog. 

The beach, breeze, and waves were motivating, I ran further than usual.  

Along the way, a municipal wooden board walk captured my attention that would lead me through a long and winding covered hall of mangroves.  Minutes later, at trails end, I emerged into the beauty of an open panoramic intercostal water view.  However, I was not alone.  Also present were four early twenty-something individuals admiring the same view.  No sooner did I rest my arms on the wooden rail to catch my breath that a raspy voice from behind asked "you come here much?"  I responded: "I actually do not come here and with this view I think I should." 

The response from the same raspy voice was immediate, "I know right, this is the best place to bring a chic, because the lights on the bridge really bring this place to life at night."  My response was almost as immediate as his in saying that I take it that you are the romantic soul of this group.  My statement drew a simultaneous laughter from all of them, and then the girl, the only girl, sitting dangerously on top of the barnacle covered pylon said "we are all here from somewhere else and we now live together, but regardless where we go we always seem to lose ourselves.  In fact, we were just talking about where to now—any suggestions?”   I, obviously not expecting the deep and sudden question, scrambled for a quick response in order to not let my anxiously waiting listeners down, presented with little thought the following scenario: "Guys, I guess you can look at life like the jog I started this morning where I began to run in one direction but shortly thereafter found myself impulsively taking a path through a hall of mangroves to  then find myself here to deliver to you the following advice ‘take the path that captures you the most and be bold enough to take it when it presents itself.’  I did and look where I am right now—a chance to meet all of you in this romantic place as Romeo here stated.”    

I share this recent story with you because I was presented with an unexpected opportunity to help four young individuals that were lost and in the obvious need of guidance from any possible source.  I will never know if my words will ever serve as that guide, but I certainly am grateful for the chance I was given. 

Studies show that there are about 71 million Millennials in this country today and that this group is characterized for being optimistic and believing that miracles are possible.  

I hope the impulse I had that morning to take that trail was for a greater purpose—to help the Lost Millennials.     

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