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Helpers & Writers

The peace of quiet reflection always springs to life images of the helpers and writers of my life. 

The smile on my face cannot be contained as I see myself momentarily united with the ones that were and still are.

A humble home teaches lessons never forgotten.  At home, the scarcity of material wealth made help the most abundant asset we owned and used to support one another.  Outside the home, I recall how my father's simple, kind, and humble nature earned him the love and respect of so many.  The man never said "no" to anyone in need nor "yes" when offered anything in return.  My father was known as a helper, and he still is today. 

Reminders of the gifted and captivating writers hang scattered throughout the walls of my office.  My great uncle, a journalist in New York, captivated the Cuban island when he  first introduced the concept of Mother's Day in his May 7, 1938 newspaper article titled "El Dias De Las Madres".   Also at an arms length reach, are the writings of both my great grandmother and grandmother that I frequently reference to nourish my mind and soul.  My mother is also a gifted writer, and possibly the best I personally know. Although my abilities are a mere fraction of these amazing writers, I only hope that my writings can some how help someone in need. 

The opportunity to hear a client's story and to then be able to help them with my written (and spoken) words made going to law school the logical choice for me.   While school taught me a lot, it was the transition from class room to real world that completed me and fulfilled my calling to become a helper and a writer.  

The opportunity to reach and help more than one person at a time via my writings presented itself when two local newspapers gave me the chance to write in their legal news column.  The more feed back I received from the growing reader base the more aware I became of the presence of the helpers and writers in my life.  

Today, standing at the door way of the new year, etched in my mind and committed in my heart is the renewed resolution to be the best helper and writer I can possibly be for my family, clients, and community.  

Candidly, the volume of responsibilities on my plate often tempts me to take a knee and do less, especially when it appears that my efforts are not bringing the changes that I seek.  However, it is precisely in these moments of weakness that I once again find strength as I recall the words of writers such as Edmund Burke wherein he says that “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”.  

Today I pledge to move forward and ask God to give me the strength, patience, and faith needed to continue to serve as a helper and writer via the following instruments he has given me:

Guzman Law, P.A.: As an Attorney, I will continue to help one client at a time resolve their legal matter and will persuasively write to both overcome and educate.  

Networking Leads: As a Social Entrepreneur, I will  continue to help people forge meaningful relationships that not only benefits them directly but also the members of our community that need it the most (homeless, elderly, orphan, abused, sick, etc…).  In 2016, Networking Leads will continue to help as it did in the past when it served food to hundreds in soup kitchens, provided gifts to the orphans, crowned mothers queen for the day during Mother's Day, and provided book bags/school supplies to children.  There is so much more yet to do!

Simply Edgar: As a Writer, I will write about topics that involve people, places, things, and ideas.

I pray with fists tightly clinched for both your support and God's.  

Friends, may God bless you and your entire family in 2016 and beyond.  

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